Tencent - Interaktive showroom

Client: Tencent / Raykite - Concept, Visualization, Development, Data access, Multi-Device-Navigation

Interaktive showroom

In the main building of the Tencent headquaters we created this complex interactive showroom together with our friends over at Raykite.

Data was accessed and processed in realtime and the control used several touch devices. Creating the logic, scenes and animation was part of our work. The visitors were invited to use touch devices to retrieve information about the most important core technologies and their subcategories. Data was accessed over the network and presented in realtime in a visually appealing way. An operator was able to use a tablet (Surface) to call up additional information or aid the visitors with the navigation. The showroom can be visited in the Beijing Tencent headquaters by business partners and customers and is open to the public.

About Tencent

On an additional video wall Tencent's history

and relevant facts were presented in realtime. Several stastics, future visions and the different locations were shown dynamically and could be browsed using touch or an external tablet. The dynamic wall featured a resolution of 12960 x 1920 pixels on 12 FullHD touch displays.

Behind the scenes

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