Porsche Museum

Client: Realtime Department - Ventuz scene, custom shader


For our client Realtime Department we initially created a custom diamond shader.

The whole video wall features an astoniching 19,200x2,160 pixels. The challenge was to render thousands of diamonds in that resolution, that would be animated and dynamically react to tracking camera data. This was only feasable using a custom shader.

Special depth cameras tracked visitors in front of the installation, measuring their distance to the wall. This data was used to animate the diamonds with wave-like animations and eventually open up the diamond grid revealing the content behind it to the visitor.

Multi Touch Gallery

The whole video wall supports multi touch for several people simultaneously.

This allows several visitors at the same time to interact with the gallery. Every one of the hundreds of images can be clicked, which will scale it up and offer additional means of interaction to the visitor: the image can be scaled up and down, moved around, text information can be accessed and even additional pictures can be shown that in turn allow movement and scaling.

This interaction, the large number of pictures as well as the video wall's resolution added up to quite a challange that we were able to master using special tools and solutions.

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