GP Real-Time Cosmograph

Real-time presentation of a cosmograph in Ventuz

Real-time Cosmograph

This interactive presentation of a cosmograph is a good example of how we could portray your product, event or presentation in the perfect light.

Real-time 3D illustrations can showcase almost any idea and allow you to draw attention to any specific aspect of your product. Customers take an interactive approach to exploring a product and really get to know it.


Our designers and programmers are all well-versed in traditional designs. But just as well, they dare you to give them the craziest ideas you can come up with. Whatever it is: we have the skills, and we have the tools.

We design and program individual solutions for your needs. We're happy to draft you a customised plan, and together we'll find ways to present your product in a way that will leave a lasting impression with your audience.

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Glare Productions

We've got a lot of great ideas. If you'd like to convince yourself of that, you're welcome to visit us in our offices in Herten. Or we could come over to show our work to you. Just give us a call.