Barco 4K UHD Demo

Client: Barco/Ventuz - 4K Ultra HD realtime graphics demo from another world

Realtime in 4K Ultra HD

With this space odyssey we'd like to show what's currently possible in realtime graphics with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD at constantly 60 frames per second.

For the ISE 2014 on Amsterdam we were asked to make a self running and endlessly looping realtime demo for Barco and Ventuz. It impressively shows the quality and possibilities of the latest 4K Ultra HD Barco projectors combined with Ventuz 4. We developed a special Ventuz plugin called MeshSplitter that allowed us to dissolve comets, planets and logos into pieces and make them explode. This powerful tool offers us the possibility to design new unique effects in future projects.

Digital Productions

The Digital Productions - a renown magazine for media production - covers the design process and creation of this graphics demo in a detailed article in issue 5/2014. Follow this link to read the article.

Digital Productions article

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