About us

We, that is: Glare Productions GmbH, use our know-how from decades of experience in code, 3D work and design

in order to transform our clients product or company presentations into unforgettable experiences. Using the best software for modelling, animation and design we create a vibrant and impressive scene for nearly any theme or subject. We also develop our own tools that enable us to cater to the specific wishes of our clients. Whether it's for a press event, an interactive information stand or a multimedia stage show, it makes no difference to us – we pour our soul and passion into every project. We accompany our clients from the first draft to the moment the curtain drops, and ensure that people will remember the event for time to come.

Our Team

Our team consists of designers, 3D artists and programmers that have been up and about and around the world for years. Starting with game development and moving past corporate film, we've pretty much made the whole of digital visualisation our home. Since 2006 our focus lies in the presentation market, and the experience we gained in other sectors is a huge advantage here. For example, we program our own plug-ins and external tools and they enable us to realize even the craziest of ideas. Numerous national and international design awards show: our plan is working out.


  • have been active in 3D product presentations since 2006
  • have realized over 50 3D projects
  • developed striking Ventuz plugins as well as our own tools
  • possess international project experience
  • have won several national and international design awards

More projects

AR Soccer Demo

Interactive AR Soccer Demo with dynamic content on three different Systems.


Ford Social Square

Social media presentation for Ford at the Detroit Motor Show.


Porsche Museum

Programming a custom shader and creating an interactive gallery for a massive interactive video wall.